One of the best Poole Storage companies

So why choose Safe & Dry for your Poole Storage company?

There might be many reasons why you would think to use us over one of our competitors. After all, there are a lot in the Poole area, but what makes Safe & Dry storage so much better?

The best Poole Storage company there is! (In our opinion)

– Lowest cost guarantee

First of all, we will BEAT any like for like quote in Hampshire or Dorset area, already being one of the best value sites in Poole we promise you to beat any like for like (160sqft container) quote within a 50-mile radius of our site. So whether you’re moving house, want to declutter your home or use us for business storage, make Safe & Dry your Poole Storage company of choice.

– Drive up to your unit

We are one of many sites in Poole that allow you to drive directly up to your unit, allowing you to easily unload and load your vehicle with your prized possessions to take away and come and go as you pleased. We’re also a very roomy site so they’ll be no tight spaces or corners for you to try to manoeuvre around.

– FREE 24/7 Access to your unit

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t charge extra for 24/7 access to your unit. Using your clever key fob to enter our high-security gate you can access your items at any time! Whether you’re a tradesman with a 6 am start or have a busy work schedule and need to access at 10 pm, Safe & Drys doors are open for our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – 365 days of the year.

– Discounts for yearly payment

For our units, we offer a generous discount for a yearly payment of our storage, unlike many who will tie you into long weighty contracts with no reward. At Safe & Dry, we reward you for your loyalty and will make sure you are offered a good discount for a full yearly payment.

– FREE padlock with every unit

Whats a robust shipping container unit without a proper padlock? To make sure you have the right level of security and a padlock that will meet the standards required for storage insurance. We throw in your secure padlock system for completely free. Allowing you to feel your goods are secure in your unit, but also to save you the trip down your local hardware store!

– We’ll move you from your current unit for FREE

What’s the most annoying thing about trying to move anything? Taking everything out, sorting it out and then having to put it back into the new place. At Safe & Dry, we save you all the hassle as we will move you from your current unit to our of our low-cost units in Poole completely for FREE. Our team will greet you at your unit, pack up your items and take them over to your new unit. No hiring a van, injuries or extra costs to have to worry about for you.

– Highly secure site with palisade security fencing

Palisade Fencing is a popular option for security fencing for industrial and commercial sites across the UK. This fencing type is topped with steel spikes and presents an intimidating appearance. Palisade Fencing is both light in weight and incredibly strong and the best in the industry for keeping things in and out of our secure site in Poole.

– Infrared CCTV monitored site

Infrared or night vision cameras use infrared light to illuminate images in the dark. We can’t see it, but infrared light is all around us. Our cameras detect these invisible infrared wavelengths, enabling the camera to see in the dark. Adding to the already fantastic levels of security on the Safe & Dry Poole Storage site.

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