• Why is it essential that Customers purchase the correct amount of insurance cover and are not underinsured?

    It is essential to ensure that your Customers’ goods are not underinsured as in the event of a partial loss where the Customer has undervalued their goods they will only receive a percentage of the value of their goods. This is because of the application of average.

    For Example: If a Customer declares their goods at £10,000 and it is found that their goods are worth £20,000 in the event of a claim they will receive 50% of any settlement. For example, if a claim is made for £1,000 they will only receive £500.

  • How does self storage work?

    You can store your goods or possessions from as little as 4 weeks or for as long as you need. Storage can be reserved in advance to make sure the space require is available when you need it. Our storage is flexible, secure and hassle free. We want to make sure you get the best service and value for money.

  • What kind of security is in place?

    We take the security of your goods and possessions extremely seriously. To protect them we have 24hr CCTV surveillance and a keypad controlled security gate. Access to our storage center is strictly controlled. Also, you are the only one with a key to your container, which is locked with a padlock.

  • Do I need my own padlock?

    We supply the container padlock to ensure that you and Safe & Dry storage, are the sole key holders for your container. We ensure that your container is securely locked at all times.

  • How much does it cost?

    The price you pay is determined by the size of the space you need. Click here to see the sizes available and here to see our prices.

    A refundable security deposit, of 4 weeks rent, is payable at the commencement of storage and is refunded when you vacate your storage room.

  • What is the minimum rental period?

    The minimum rental period is 4 weeks. You can store for as long as you want, there is no maximum rental period.

  • What is included in the price?

    The price you are quoted is an all in price.

  • What about insurance, do I need it?

    It is a requirement of the SSAUK Licence Agreement that customers’ goods must be insured whilst the goods are in your possession.

    Most Self Storage Operators require their customers to provide evidence that they have insurance cover, usually within seven days of commencement of the storage contract otherwise customers must take out the insurance policy supplied by the Self Storage Operator where the goods are being stored. 

    Household insurers generally extend household insurance with no problem, or we would recommend a company called InsuraStore , who we are registered with.

  • Do I pay weekly or monthly?

    We’ll invoice you on a 4 weekly basis, payable in advance. Then we ask for a direct debit to be set up to our account payable prior to every month. However, we only ask for fourteen days notice when you vacate your container and we refund to you any unused storage charges.

  • How long can I stay?

    You are welcome to stay as long as you require.

  • How quickly can I move in?

    As long as we have the space, you can move in on the same day as you make your inquiry (during office opening hours) providing that you have the relevant documentation needed to complete and sign your contract.

    Two forms of ID are required one of which must be a photo ID (passport or driving license) and a utility bill less than 3 months old. Payment of a deposit and the first invoice must be made prior to moving in.

  • What do I need to open a contract?

    Two forms of ID are required one of which must be a photo ID (passport or driving license) and a utility bill less than 3 months old. Payment of a deposit and the first invoice must be made prior to moving in.

  • What kind of payment methods are available?

    Payment is made via direct debit and deposits are taken by card.

  • How often can i get access to my goods?

    You can come and go as you please, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • How do I get my goods to you?

    You have to bring your belongings to the storage containers. We have ample car parking and large loading/unloading areas. If you have larger items that you will struggle to transport please read the information on our man-in-a-van service

  • How tall are your containers?

    Our containers are 8ft 6in (2.6m) high, visit our container sizes page, for more info.

  • Where are your terms and conditions?

    Download a copy of our Terms and Conditions

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