Tips & Tricks to use your storage more effectively

So, you’ve decided to sign up for your very own personal container self-storage unit down here in Poole. Now comes the (not so fun) part of packing up your personal items ready for transport.

Here are some tips and tricks to help cram as much as you can into your storage container and make the packing process more enjoyable, sustainable and quick! First, recognise exactly what items you would like to put into your container storage and make an inventory of these items/which box they’ll be in (an Excel spreadsheet is recommended, but if you’re organised a written list will do too).

When using boxes make sure they’re sturdy and label them clearly. Set aside space at the front of your container for possessions that you may require regular access to, whilst placing bulkier items towards the back of your self-storage container so you don’t have to rearrange them when accessing your unit.

This allows for simple accessibility and ease when trying to find certain belongings upon decision to come by and pick up items; storage access to our facility in Poole is 24/7! If you are storing larger items that can be disassembled, take them a part before you pack them in your storage space to create more capacity for extra stuff! Finally, don’t let hollow space go to waste.

If you are storing draws, a wardrobe, a desk, suitcases, a trunk, or anything along those lines, make sure to fill these with smaller items to optimise space.

Container storage offers storage for your possessions in large individual containers. This storage solution offers more space for better value. They are robust and very cost-effective, perfect for anyone moving house, or businesses looking to store large amounts of possessions in a safe and secure environment. Space can be costly to anyone, but Safe and Dry’s container storage can provide flexible and practical solutions to a range of storage needs, we’re also part of the self storage association.

Container Storage Poole

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