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    Affordable and quality Self-Storage in Poole

    Personal Storage doesn’t need to be complicated. So, we keep it simple. We’ll keep your things safe and we’ll keep them dry (the clue is in the name).

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Self-Storage in Poole

Self-storage doesn’t need to be complicated. that’s why we provide hassle-free, affordable self-storage in Poole.

We do exactly what our name suggests – we keep your things safe and we keep them dry. Not only that, but we’ll do it for less than other storage sites in Dorset and Hampshire and we won’t make you pay a deposit or commit to long-term storage unless you need to!

If you’re moving home and need short-term, weatherproof storage that’s secure but won’t break the bank, we’re the company for you.

Perhaps your home has become cluttered, and you want to see your floor again?

Whatever your reason for needing storage, there’s no minimum term so you can stay with us only for as long as you need to.

When you need your things back, you can simply drive up to your unit and load up – whenever you like, as our site is accessible 24/7.

Our customers store all kinds of things in our secure units, too.

Furniture, paperwork, power tools, gardening equipment, sports equipment – even cars!

Of course, there are items we can’t store, such as animals, drugs, firearms and flammable liquids. And, unfortunately, we can’t store your children for a few nights while you slip away for a romantic break.

But one of our large containers can, if packed well, safely store the contents of the average three-bedroom house.

We bet your garden shed and spider-laden garage can’t do that?

Safe & Dry Storage in Poole is flexible, low cost, secure and accessible. Simple.

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