Safe & Dry Storage part of the Self Storage Association

Safe and Dry have your back, and so does the Self Storage Association

Safe and Dry provide long term and short term storage for a multitude of people and businesses from varying backgrounds. Our container storage facility in Poole is trusted by many and we are associated with the Self Storage Association UK (SSA UK). The SSA UK represents self storage operators and industry supplier members, with approximately 390 storage associations to the industry so far.

The Self Storage Association sets standards for self storage industries across Britain and promotes outstanding quality service. Which inspires us to be the best container storage company out there. By being an SSA UK member, Safe and Dry are guaranteed to adhere to specific self storage specifications.

These include advanced security, ventilation, the provision of insurance and a legally binding contract that ensures a customers rights. As a result, our company works to best practise and continues to achieve high approval by the SSA UK.

Visit our Sizes page for detailed figures or give us a call. Safe and Dry is a local company supporting jobs in and around Poole. As a result, we know what the population want and are not out of touch with our customers. However, this facility isn’t just open to locals, anyone from across the country can use our storage containers.

Container storage offer solutions to many individuals and businesses, with Safe and Dry providing safe, secure, and easily accessible storage solutions. Do your company several favours by getting in touch for more information about our storage containers.

To enquire about one of our container storage facilities for your personal or business storage, please get in touch with our team on 01202 283315 or visit our contact page.

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