Container Storage: Interesting ways storage is used across the globe!

Using container storage in quirky ways!

At Safe & Dry, we offer container storage for the masses to store their personal or business items. Everything from tools, to archives, furniture and much more. However, there are some people that will use them for some really quirky purposes.  Here are some examples of the types of things that the magicians around the world are turning these solid, safe container storage units into…

  1. Swimming pools

Now you may be thinking, swimming pool – hole in the ground usually tilled or lined with a plastic sheet and filled with water? Not necessarily. A company called container pools are converting old shipping containers into pools that fit perfectly into your garden. Container Pools is one British company offering practical Aquaflex-lined pools with filters, heat pumps, underwater lights and ladders as standard. All you have to do is wait for the lovely British summer to make an appearance!

2. Pop up shop, bar or café

I’ve seen these around, one actually in Bournemouth on Landsdowne Road that offers burgers amongst a host of other food products. Transforming a shipping container into a food outlet or shop is a great way of having a potentially much cheaper premises to host your business. There’s also POP in Brixton which is a shipping container village full of container clothing shops, bars and pretty much every type of food you can imagine.

3. Shipping container school

School facilities are also looking in to this new forward thinking version. It is used especially when building schools in poverty-stricken parts of the world because of just how affordable it can be. The benefits of working with this process is the minimal installation time. This allows the classrooms to be ready for the kids much faster than traditional building methods.

4. Container houses (Mostly utilised in the Netherlands!)

The Netherlands are known for coming up with a LOT of quirky and cool inventions. They don’t all necessarily roll out across the world, but do certainly change the way we think. Starting from just €20,000 you can see why quite a few are starting to opt for this option. There is even a company in the Netherlands who will purpose build these container storage homes on your plot for you.

5.  Storage unit serviced offices

One of the most unique ideas on this list. Companies can spend thousands of pounds a year renting offices, desks and much more. Storage offers a secure, warm and dry premises for your office that will keep all your goods safe.

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